Basement Audio

Basement Audio is a full-feature recording studio located in Binghamton, NY, run by musician and audio engineer Dave Rice.

In operation for over 20 years, Dave has worked with hundreds of local and regional artists on their recording projects.

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Dave believes in working collaboratively with artists to achieve their vision while building relationships with clients over the long term. No project is complete until the artist is happy with the results.


Studio Picture

The studio feautures a large live recording room, vocal and isolation booth, and control room.

Drum kits, guitar and bass rigs, keyboards, MIDI controllers, and other instruments are available for client use.

Services & Rates

Basement Audio provides a variety of services ranging from recording, mixing, and mastering to audio editing and creative services.

All work is billed at a flat rate with package deals available at a discount.


If you are interested in booking a session, or have any questions, please reach out! Our Facebook page always appreciates likes, too.