Basement Audio


Services we provide are as follows:

Recording Music (in the studio)

- Live - Bands and solo artists are started and completed on location. Audio can be captured live and even with a larger band your amps can be isolated in a room away from the drums (monitored through headphones).

- Dubbed - If you'd prefer to dub each instrument separately or add instruments/vocals to your live material it's an easy process. A combination of both techniques can be used and often applies when recording songs that include back-up vocals, etc.

- Song Writing - If you are a singer/songwriter but lack music/vocals to support your ideas, you're in luck. Basement Audio is home to a large network of writers with experience in just about every genre. Session musicians can be picked from a large list to suit your project.


- Material recorded in studio - Clients are encouraged to be present at mixing sessions. EQ and volume adjustments are more easily agreed upon this way.

-Material not recorded in studio - We complete plenty of projects recorded by musicians themselves or at other studios. Simply bring in all your raw tracks in any format and the mixing process can begin.

Mastering and Formatting

- Archiving - Back up your vinyl, cassette tapes, CDs, or any other format to high quality digital files. We restore old recordings with EQs and mastering techniques to make sure the sounds of any era can be enjoyed by anyone.

- Mastering - With the use of high rated plug-ins, your music can be louder, fuller, and warmer.

- Formatting - Your final product can easily be burned to a CD, uploaded to your email as an MP3, or exported to flash drive as numerous types of files.


- Your material in the studio - No mistake will appear on your finished recording unless you want it to. If you prefer a truly edited final mix, then every note on every instrument will be scrutinized, tuned, and locked into the proper time. If you prefer a more raw, live approach with very minimal edits that's just fine as well! Both philosophies are commonly put into place here at Basement Audio.

- Your material from another source - As always clients are encouraged to bring their raw material to Basement Audio for a real clean-up. However it was recorded, audio can always be looped, lengthened, deleted, faded out or shortened.

Songwriting / Creative Services

For Singers - Write a lot of song lyrics but have no music planned out to accompany you? Here it's not a problem. We regularly employ a large list of session musicians from many backgrounds on our projects. All styles of music are welcomed and we enjoy collaborating with numerous writers at all levels of experience.

- For Musicians - Your music/band sounds great but you just seem to hate your own voice no matter how long you practice! Not a problem. We also employ singers of all styles. Male, Female, Country to Screamo. Whatever you play, chances are we already have someone in mind with plenty of experience.

- For Rappers/Electronic music - Basement Audio has been the birthplace of hundreds of beats covering virtually every genre of music. Hip Hop, Dance, Dubstep, Ambient and any other style is made from scratch with a wide range of synthesizers and electronic making tools. Our new MIDI control setup makes it easy and fast to make music that sounds the way you want for your specific ideas.

- For Businesses - Dave Rice has written many jingles and offers the service to anyone looking for a catchy theme to promote their brand, business, or product. All of the music is also produced in the studio and can be any style you choose.


Hourly Rates

- All listed services are currently $35 an hour, paid in cash or check the day of the service.

Package Deals

- For clients who expect a larger volume of work we offer a few different package deals.
A package deal saves you money on the hours you purchase and is paid in advance of the service itself.

- 5 Hours of studio time for $160
- 10 Hours of studio time for $300
- 20 Hours of studio time for $590

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