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Dave is awesome to work with, and a true master of his craft. He helps bring your vision to fruition while still challenging you as an artist. Working with Dave has allowed me to break boundaries I never knew existed, and I have become a better musician because of it. Contact Basement Audio for your next project, you won't be sorry!

Kipani, Singer/Songwriter
Pat Donnelly

Basement Audio is a great, professional studio for recording your music or demo the way you want it to sound. Dave makes the process fun and efficient to get the finished recording in your hand quickly. Because he's such a talented musician, he provides great input and recommendations throughout the session.

Pat Donnelly, Singer/Songwriter
Felicia Mitchell

I found Basement Audio about a year ago after having tried other local studios. Dave with BA is hands down the best guy to work with. As a vocalist, I really appreciate being able to go into a studio and not just have someone run the sound but also to invest themselves in the process. Dave does that. He won't quit until it's perfect. I've had nothing but the greatest experiences at Basement Audio. I would encourage anyone looking to record to look no further.

Felicia Mitchell, Singer
Tyler Fedoris

My band is on its third attempt now at recording our debut album and this time, we decided to take it to Basement Audio. After only a couple weeks of working with Dave, we can already tell that this will be our final attempt. Clearly having a lot of passion in his work, he makes us feel like our project means just as much to him as it does to us. That goes a long way, and if you're willing to put the time and energy into it, Dave can make your music sound like anything you want it to be. We wish we had found Basement Audio sooner and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for high quality work for such a fair price. We will definitely be returning for future projects.

Tyler Fedoris, Singer/Guitarist of Hillcrest
Scott Graham

Basement Audio is professional, comfortable, and affordable. Dave Rice brings out the essence of your music and captures the passion in your artwork.

Scott Graham, Singer of Krooked Knuckles
Pat Grzelak

Basement Audio is the place to go! Dave Rice is the most efficient and most down to earth audio engineer in the area by far! With years of experience and plenty of knowledge in the music field Basement Audio is hands down our favorite place to record music!

Pat Grzelak, Drummer/Singer of Elektryk Bestia
Jon Molina

Dave at Basement Audio is truly an artist's producer. Amazing recording experience highly pleased with the finished tracks and will recommend it to any musician or band looking for quality studio time at a competitive rate.

Jon Molina, Singer/Guitarist of Forest Friend
Mike Burrell

Basement Audio is an affordable way to experiment with your creations. Ideas can be started, developed & completed without breaking the bank.

Mike Burrell, Singer/Bassist of East West Xperiment and Owner/Operator at Launchtube Records
Ian Swartwood

Basement Audio is top shelf. Dave Rice not only has the tools to get your job done but he takes the time to understand your vision and offer suggestions.

Ian Swartwood, Original Geeks Podcast
Adam aka "Mill Hill" Holley

Dave is the consumate professional. Easy to work with and knowledgeable as hell. He can help you take your vision from first lyric to finished product in the most efficient time possible. He is one of the best hands down. He knows his stuff. Whatever your style may be he can deliver the goods. If you have any doubts go and check him out. You owe to yourself and your music to do so. Trust me you won't be disappointed.

Adam aka "Mill Hill" Holley, Singer/Songwriter of Mill Hill

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